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PegaWorld iNspire: 5 Customer Experience Session Replays You Really Shouldn’t Miss

Updated: May 11, 2021

This blog post is sponsored by Pegasystems.

Peace out, PegaWorld 2021!

Your virtual event gave us colorful branding, lively personalities, vibrant human stories, and down-to-earth content based on actual business cases—not just boring tech features.

There was a joyful private concert, snackable-length breakout sessions about business problems, and an overall presentation on a virtual event platform with no shortage of very cool special effects—of which the Pegasystems team made spectacularly good use!

Friends, the show is over, but almost all of the event content is now available on-demand here.

A Few of My Favorite Sessions

When I take time for events like these, I crave sessions that address, in plain language, real-world, actual customer experience problems that can be addressed with great technology. Here are five fast sessions from Pega’s event that scratched that itch for me.

Wells Fargo: When AI, CX, and Marketing Meet

This 9-minute session is packed with wisdom on the inevitable crossover between marketing and customer experience in banking. Kristina Nissen from Pega talked with Giles Richardson about how artificial intelligence is driving personalization in how Wells Fargo markets to its customers. It’s about starting with spot-on, contextually accurate marketing messages to customers that then lead customers to contextually accurate, flawless experiences.

Moffitt Cancer Center: Consumerism as a Catalyst for Change

In this 12-minute session, Dr. Edmondo Robinson of Moffitt Cancer Center said the global transformations that are underway in health care go beyond science and technology. Transformation right now is also about acknowledging consumerism and the notion of health care as a service. Patients expect convenience, access, and transparency. Innovations will need to be mindful of this type of growing consumerism.

Deutsche Bahn: “Citizen Developers” Drive Digital Transformation

Digital transformation will not be successful unless employees are prepared for that transformation. But how can leaders prepare their teams for change? For Deutsche Bahn, employees take the reins from the get-go as “citizen developers,” using low-code tech to innovate the customer processes and systems they see need improvement. In this 8-minute session, Dirk Boening-Corterier of Deutsche Bahn talked about how the “citizen developer” approach works.

“Every interaction only has two outcomes. You either bring the customer closer, or you shove them away.” ~Kristina Nissen, Pega

FedEx: Building the Culture Behind Great Delivery Experiences

Delivery experiences have been in the spotlight as part of the customer experience since a COVID e-commerce boom last year. That’s FedEx’s jam. Building case management systems that allow customers to get information about their package, though, is just as important as the package itself. Creating that system requires the right culture at FedEx. In this 10-minute session, Brandon Jackson and George Richert of FedEx talked about the work behind FedEx’s egoless, blameless, fail-fast culture that helps the company deliver on customer expectations.

Vermont: Easing the CX Nuisance of Administrative Red Tape

In this 7-minute session, Lauren Hibbert with Vermont’s Office of Professional Regulation told a superb story about eliminating red tape nightmares for state licensees and government employees. They took paper-based license applications and renewals for 167 professions—from tattooists to veterinarians—and went completely digital. In this story, technology served two purposes: it reduced customer headaches and wait times and cleared away job stress for employees.

“Previously it took us multiple weeks to issue a nursing license… Now we are able to accomplish this within 45 minutes of the licensee putting the application in our system.” ~Lauren Hibbert, Director, State of Vermont Office of Professional Regulation

Catch You Next Year!

PegaWorld iNspire 2021 was worth shutting down every other open tab on my desktop to really pay attention to what the presenters were saying. Check out the five quick sessions I noted above and let me know which sessions were your favorites. I hear Pega is planning a live show in 2022. Stay tuned for that!

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