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How Change Readiness Drives Change Management Strategy

Organizational change is everywhere, all the time! Not just in the realms of customer experience and employee experience, but everywhere! You have to be ready. Because in business, resisting change only brings risk.

So, in my inaugural episode of the Mitel Minute, sponsored by Mitel, I'm asking this question:

What are some ways leaders can prepare their teams for organizational change?

Leaders need their teams to be responsive to change, but research shows we can’t just expect immediate acceptance of organizational change without preparing people for that change.

Here are three ways based on research and experience that leaders can promote change readiness.

Include your team in designing the change.

Realistically, you may not always be able to do this. However, when you include employees in designing change, research shows they are more likely to embrace change and encourage their colleagues to do the same.

Listen for people's confidence levels.

Research shows people are more likely to be ready for change if they’re confident they can be successful in a new environment. Leaders need to listen and understand if their teams feel like they can thrive in a new situation.

Guide your team and give air cover.

Research also shows that employees do well with change and they will support one another when they know their leaders have their backs.

What would you add?

As a leader, there are many more ways to build employee readiness for organizational change. What other techniques would you add? What has worked for you? What hasn't worked?

Leave a comment on my LinkedIn or Twitter post and let’s compare notes!

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