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Roundup: Five new industry reports track customer and employee experience trends that matter most

How are customers and employees really doing right now? What are they saying about their experiences? How are business leaders flexing their approaches, metrics, and measurements to stay on the pulse of experiences?

Plenty of companies are out there asking these questions right now, people are responding, and the results are coming out fast in the way of reports filled with interesting nuggets, statistics, and ideas worthy of going into your knowledge arsenal. Here are five that have stood out for me lately.

Qualtrics’ Work Different: How COVID-19 Gives Us the Opportunity to Reimagine the Employee Experience

Qualtrics surveyed more than 6,000 people across sectors to uncover gaps in employee experience before and during COVID. A few notes from their e-book:

  • 41% of government employees said their communication with leaders has improved.

  • 71% of technology sector employees said their company did a good job of reacting to COVID-19 related shifts in the industry.

  • 28% of people in the education sector say their employee experience has improved.

Get it here: Link.

P.S. Kudos to Qualtrics for including government employee perspectives in this research!

Pegasystems’ Resolution Revolution: Customer Service Insights

Pegasystems surveyed 12,700 business leaders, contact center agents, and customers to uncover how customer service success is being measured, what customers expect now, and how customers perceive their interactions in today’s business world. A few gems from the report:

  • 82% of customers are willing to use self-service.

  • 46% don’t trust that it will work.

  • Customer satisfaction is the most frequently used measure of success for leaders.

  • NPS and customer effort scores are the least commonly used measures of success.

Get the report here: Link

Carahsoft’s Post-COVID-19 Citizen Experience Report

Technological advancements aren’t moving fast enough for digitally savvy citizens. Carahsoft surveyed more than 2,000 people who interacted with U.S. federal government agencies during the pandemic. In the report:

  • 33% said information on federal government websites is still hard to find.

  • 70% have posted to social media about their positive experiences with government agencies.

  • 75% will post about their negative experiences no matter if it’s with a government agency or another type of organization.

Get the report here: Link

Eagle Hill Consulting’s Are Customer Experience Problems Coming in Through the Employee Entrance?

Eagle Hill Consulting recently surveyed 1,003 employees from across sectors in the United States. Respondents were asked to share their perceptions about some of the most important topics in business right now: Diversity, engagement, and customer service. A few points from their report:

· 19% of employees are frustrated by underperforming colleagues.

· 25% do not feel connected to their colleagues.

· 32% believe purpose at work is one of the most important things about their job.

See the report: Link.

EY’s Future Consumer Index

The pandemic has changed the way customers want to live their lives. So, what do customers value now? What will it take for companies to effectively serve them? EY surveyed 14,467 consumers around the world. A few notes from their report:

  • 32% of consumers said affordability was most important when making purchasing decisions—not experience.

  • 14% said experiences were most important.

  • 56% are more likely to buy from companies that commit to social responsibility.

  • 61% plan to shop exclusively online in the upcoming holiday season.

Get the highlights here: Link.

Are there other reports you would recommend? Let me know. Meanwhile, join me on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

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