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Mitel Minute: Supercharge Sales, Create Growth by Teaming with Customers

So much has changed about customer experience, but some things will never go out of style, like saying thank you to customers and recognizing great employees.

But! The question on this Mitel Minute is:

What are some new leadership techniques that are coming into fashion?

Especially the ones that recognize the challenges of leading virtual and hybrid teams?

Here are two that come to mind for me.

Co-diagnosing customer problems with employees.

This is a collaborative technique that lets leaders see what’s going right, and it helps to uncover problems with communication, inclusion, programs, and products.

Creating community with customers.

This is about being on the same team as your customers. Take a look at how companies are investing in communities. It’s so smart and paves the way to repeat business and customer loyalty.

With both of these, you need great communication systems, a spirit of trust, and a commitment to building trust with customers.

But back to the question!

What leadership techniques best support the challenges of virtual and hybrid teams?

Leave a comment on my Twitter or LinkedIn post. Let’s compare notes.

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