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Mitel Minute: Can having too many communication tools impact customers' and employees' experiences?

Is it ever possible to have too many communication tools at work?

There are a lot of ways to think about this, and opinions can vary. For me, I’d say yes, it is possible to have too many communication tools. Especially with virtual and hybrid teams becoming more prominent, too many disorganized tools, and the rules that go with using those tools, can create unnecessary stress for employees.

How can leaders design a suite of communication tools that best supports their teams?

Here are some ideas.

Design to simplify employees’ lives.

Generally speaking, leaders should be clearing away complexity for employees.


Sometimes companies that are going through fast changes do what they must. They grab a tool here and a tool there to get by. Now it’s time to consider streamlining and integrating communication tools.

Be intentional with your design.

The tools you choose should harmonize to make employees’ lives easier. Design the system with employees, not for them.

How else should leaders think about employee collaboration and employee collaboration tools? Leave a comment on my Twitter or LinkedIn post and let’s compare notes!

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