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Mitel Minute: How Can Virtual Team Leaders Best Understand Their Team Members?

Updated: May 27, 2021

Leading a virtual team is complex work. Know what else is tough? Being led by a virtual manager!

As a leader, you have to understand the people you’re leading. So the question on this week's Mitel Minute is:

How do you get the facts you need to hear and not just the story you want to hear, so you can better understand your team?

Here are a few ideas.

Check your communication style.

It's been said so many times that in virtual settings, we just don't have all the communication cues to understand the full meaning behind what people are saying. People can interpret you differently in a virtual team setting than in real life. Leaders have to make their team members feel comfortable enough to open up.

Call people out.

It can be easy for some people to sink into feeling invisible on a virtual team. That's when your team members can disconnect and become disengaged. Reach out and engage. Ask your team members questions and encourage their feedback.

Share leadership.

Researchers say sharing leadership builds team trust. It can also help you get to know people’s values while you're driving toward your common goals.

Now, the question is no longer should we go virtual. It’s how do we excel as a virtual team?

Excelling requires understanding the people on your team. What techniques would you add? Leave a comment on my Twitter or LinkedIn post and let’s compare notes!

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