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How Leaders Can Help Their Virtual Teams Avoid Operational Meltdowns

As a leader, it can be hard to spot operational meltdowns coming. Especially with a virtual team.

So in episode 2 of the Mitel Minute, sponsored by Mitel, I'm asking the question:

How can leaders steer their virtual teams away from operational meltdowns?

Here are three ideas, based on experience and research.

Co-diagnose customer problems with employees.

One mistake I see leaders make is assuming they just know what the problems are without seeing the story through employees’ eyes. Reach out! Call people out. Ask detailed, meaningful questions. Listen to your teams to stay ahead of customer problems.

Be direct with your team about performance.

We know communication is vital! But to avoid a meltdown, research has shown, you have to make sure that what you’re communicating includes clear information about how the team is performing.

Be authentic.

Be open to getting the facts you need to hear, not just the story you want to hear. Ask good questions and be open about what may surface. Leading with authenticity really matters.

Virtual teams can be challenging for leaders and for team members! Don’t skimp on those flexible, collaborative tools that help you connect your team, solve problems and share the follow-up work.

What would you add?

Leave a comment on my Twitter or LinkedIn post and let’s compare notes!

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