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U.S. Federal Government CX: A Roundup of Stuff to Know, Beyond the New Presidential EO

President Biden’s new executive order (EO) on customer experience lit up the social streams like nothing I’ve seen in quite some time.

That made me happy. It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the CX work being done in government—all governments.

I held one of the U.S. federal government’s first agency-level CX leadership roles way back when… during the Obama administration. Since leaving government, I’ve advised colleagues and clients on the technicalities of U.S. federal government CX. I’ve advised non-US government clients. I’ve written, spoken about, and researched the topic in the private sector and scholarly settings.

Government Belongs to Everyone

The attention to federal CX is well-earned. Government belongs to everyone. It touches everyone every day. So, I couldn’t have been happier to see all the interest from the broader CX community in President Biden’s EO. And I also couldn’t help but think…

There you are! Where have you been?! Come on in! We’ve been expecting you!

Blogs, Videos, and Books on the Evolution of CX in Government

For new friends who want to better understand CX in the U.S. federal government, one of the first things to know is it’s not new! But here are some resources that can bring you up to speed.

Blog – The Federal Government’s CX Accountability Framework

There’s more to federal government CX than the President’s recent EO. High-impact agencies also have a standardized accountability framework. This blog outlines the latest updates to that framework. Frank Konkel also pulled together an article about this important piece of the federal CX puzzle.

Video: CXPA Presents—CX in Government

A 30-minute overview on the evolution of customer experience in the United States federal government—from the first EO on customer service 25+ years ago, to more recent President’s Management Agenda goals, to new laws that mandate CX.

Book: Dictionary of U.S. Federal Government Customer Experience Terms, Phrases, and Acronyms

CX comes with its own fair share of technical terms. Practicing CX in the U.S. federal government entails needing to know things like PRA, PMA, CAP Goals, PIOs, OMB Circular A-11 Section 280, and who the GAO and IGs are, for example. This book is a bridge in terminology.

Podcast - Walker Info: The CX Leader: The United States of CX

A 20-minute podcast discussion on the reality of the balance federal agencies must strike between serving customers and being a government organization, how federal agencies are applying customer experience practices, and how CX data is coming to the surface in government.

Blog: How Oversight Bodies Influence CX in Government

Who else is influencing the acceptance of CX practices in the U.S. federal government? Inspectors General and the Government Accountability Office. They’re siloed by design in the U.S. government, but they’ve had a big impact on getting some of the CX basics in place in the federal government.

Podcast - Mini-Master Class: CX in Government

A 10-minute overview on how CX is growing in government: The global momentum, how government agencies are adapting to citizen needs through technology, and the rise and influence of government oversight bodies in the implementation of CX practices in the U.S. federal government.

Blog: Example Legislation on Customer Experience

Legislation that relates to federal agency CX has circulated through Congress multiple times over the past 10 years. One of the latest bills to surface—the Federal Agency Customer Experience Act—is getting some buzz. But there’s a need to think critically about what it would mean for the discipline of CX.

Blog: How CX is Moving into the Procurement Ecosystem of the U.S. Federal Government

One of the most exciting, most recent evolutions of CX in the federal government has to do with putting CX practices into the procurement ecosystem. This blog outlines some of that great work that is now underway with the Federal Marketplace Strategy.

Joining the Cause

The U.S. isn’t the only government that is working to integrate CX practices and mindsets into the fabric of agency cultures. In the U.S., the work has been building for some time, thanks to the support and tenacity of a growing community of practitioners inside of government.

There are also many, many consultants and brands like Pegasystems, Forrester, Qualtrics, Medallia, Deloitte, and others who have funneled resources into understanding and supporting the federal CX community. If you’re interested in jobs that support the cause, watch, and the websites of the companies that support federal CX.

Get in touch for more training and counsel. Meanwhile, you can also join me on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

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