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Mitel Minute: Three Easy Tips for Virtual Team Leaders

Virtual team leaders really have to kick it up a notch to stay in step with their teams.

The question on this week's Mitel Minute is: What are some ways to do that?

Here are a few ideas to start.

Tell customer stories.

People connect with human anecdotes. During team meetings, you might play a contact center recording or circulate a customer e-mail to help the whole team maintain a focus on the customer.

Check your gut instincts against data.

Stay on top of the data. Employee pulse surveys can help you stay in touch with how employees are feeling about work. If you're running a contact center, for example, and you're working with modern tools, an agent dashboard can clue you in on workloads and give you a heads up on employee burnout.

Celebrate the victories.

So much has changed forever! But some things haven’t changed. Saying thanks and recognizing great work will never go out of style.

What techniques would you add? Leave a comment on my Twitter or LinkedIn post and let’s compare notes!

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