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Mitel Minute: How can leaders foster innovation with a hybrid workforce?

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

We have learned a lot about virtual teams over the past few years. Now we need to understand hybrid teams.

Hybrid teams are fluid. Some team members work at home and some divide their time between the office and home.

It’s another emerging business dynamic. And so, to keep business humming along, leaders have to ask the question:

What do hybrid teams need from leaders to make sure great customer experiences keep happening?

Communication is always number one! But let's get specific.

Specifically, I believe it’s about routine and consistent communication.

Why Consistent Communication Matters

One pitfall I’ve seen on virtual teams is leaders giving different information to different members of a team at different times. This leads to misunderstandings. And that can ripple to customers.

So when we’re talking about consistency in communication, it’s more than just having a routine meeting on the calendar. It’s about sharing consistent information, consistently.

So back to the question.

What do you think hybrid team leaders need to do for their teams to make sure great customer experiences keep happening?

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