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How To Deal With Customer Complaints: Mitel Minute

Customer complaints are a common part of just about every business. Ignoring them can lead to the dreaded operational meltdown!

So in this episode of the Mitel Minute, I'm asking the question:

What are the best ways to deal with customer complaints?

Here are 3 ideas.

Have a process.

Be ready for customer complaints. Phone systems should be set up to answer and respond to customers! E-mail systems and social media channels should be prepped and monitored. Be ready for that feedback via phone or online.

Develop service standards and team protocols.

Your team should know and understand your company's service standards. When you receive complaints, you can use your collaborative tools to co-diagnose customer problems, document and triage complaints, and decide how you’re going to respond.

Take out the emotion and really listen.

Complaints can send you right into resistance mode. But they can also tell you what your biggest business priorities should be. They can help you spot business and operational risks and even business development opportunities. You can extract a lot of value from customer complaints.

Nobody likes hearing complaints. But having modern communication tools that facilitate listening, solving problems, and collaboration can help you to turn customer complaints into praise and positive reviews.

What would you add? Leave a comment on my LinkedIn or Twitter post. Let’s compare notes!

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