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5 Ways Customer Experience Leaders Can Influence Digital Transformation

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

This post is sponsored by Pegasystems.

Digital transformation is no longer a subject on the periphery for customer experience professionals. It has become just as important as collecting customer feedback, mapping customer journeys, building customer culture, and monitoring customer experience data.

But aside from understanding what digital transformation is, customer experience pros (and other employees, too!) also need to support the digital transformation work inside their organizations.

But what is the best way to do that?

I recently sat down with friends from Pegasystems ahead of PegaWorld iNspire, Pega’s big, annual signature marketing event. I asked them for some tips.

How can customer experience pros influence digital transformation and deliver amazing customer experiences, no matter the sector?

Here are five big takeaways.

1. Be the voice of the customer in digital transformation.

Process efficiencies may drive internal conversations about digital transformation. But at the end of the day, the goal is to make experiences simpler, more immediate, and more personalized for the customer. One of the biggest contributions a customer experience professional can make is to keep bringing the voice of the customer so that solutions aren’t built around existing systems—they’re built around the outcomes a customer wants.

-Don Schuerman, CTO and VP of Product Marketing, Pegasystems

2. But be versed in what technology can do.

But CX pros also need to understand the technology that can be applied. CX pros should be thinking, “How can I apply AI tech to be personalized at every interaction? How can I apply automation technology to make it easier for agents to provide a better experience to the customer?” Being able to bring the voice of the customer to the work and have an opinion about how tech can be used is a role that CX pros have to play inside their organizations.

-Don Schuerman, CTO and VP of Product Marketing, Pegasystems

3. Low-code platforms are one of those technologies.

Low-code platforms eliminate the need for customer experience professionals to know how to write code to support their organization’s digital transformation work. Low-code tools enable collaboration between business personnel and IT personnel on digital experience prototyping and product development. It can expedite experiences to market. The tech does more than just solve the simple problems for a business. It can also be used to support the major digital transformation work for an organization.

-Stephanie Louis, Senior Director, Community and Developer Programs, Pegasystems

4. Artificial intelligence (AI) is another one of those technologies.

AI can do great things for an organization or become a customer experience scandal. Customer experience pros can help challenge biases that may creep into an organization’s AI systems. For example, a customer’s zip code, income levels, and geography can contain built-in bias. Be careful with how you interact with customers through AI. Governing your AI, internally, should take bias into account. Otherwise, your brand reputation can eventually take a huge hit.

-Matt Nolan, Senior Director, Product Marketing, AI, and Decision Sciences, Pegasystems

5. Think beyond the sale.

AI can help expand the customer experience conversation beyond the sales experience. AI can help you look at what is going on in a customer’s life, see where they’re struggling, lean into it, and have a helpful talk track ready that you can inject into the conversation with a customer. The customer will tell you what they need if you are paying attention. Partner up with your colleagues and help to prepare the talk track in a way that makes sense for the customer.

-Matt Nolan, Senior Director, Product Marketing, AI, and Decision Sciences, Pegasystems

Thanks to Don, Stephanie, and Matt for their insights and expertise. See more at PegaWorld on May 4. Register here.

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